make me choose: storiybrooke asked: teen wolf s1 or teen wolf s2

It’s okay to want something for yourself every once and awhile. Team captain, Alpha wolf… you’re still only human.

If there’s a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I’ve already won that.

  anyone  who  thinks  they  can  H U N T  and  K I L L  us  for  money,
          they  get  to  be  a  N A M E  on  our  D E A D P O O L

"I try and stay away from the internet! Stupidly, when we first started I looked up something on the internet and it was bad. So I’ve taken a step back. If there’s anything people are or aren’t happy with, you kind of end up finding out about it some way anyways."

make me choose asked me
house targaryen or house stark


Me & U (KRONO Edit) - Cassie

Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration

мαу ωє мєєт αgαιη

"I just saw my boyfriend turn into a werewolf." (Teen Wolf Season 1)

Maybe you didn’t notice, but I’m pretty good with a bow and arrow.

Get to know me meme - favourite movies (1/5) The Outsiders

Can you see the sunset from the South Side very good? Yeah real good. You can see it from the North Side too